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Wake Up With Your Purpose

Wake Up With Your Purpose

It’s a bright, beautiful day!  Did you wake up with a purpose?  Wait, let me rephrase, “Did you wake up with YOUR purpose?” I sure hope so.  We all have a purpose in life, and we should all strive to find it and share it with one another.

Fear May Over Power Our Purpose

If you’re like me, you have always known you had a voice but was just afraid to share it.  Fear keeps many people from sharing that voice that may help and inspire others to go forth with their dreams and even with their day.  Yeah, you read that right.  Fear keeps some locked up in their homes day in and day out.  Afraid of stepping out and being who they are.  Being the person and sharing the light they have within them.

Fear is a sneaky little thing for sure.  Finding ways to overcome fear is important, and I will discuss how we can strive to overcome our fears in a later post.

Your Purpose To Encourage Others

Your purpose may be to help a fellow co-worker realize they are a fantastic cook (yeah, I know someone out there reading this is always eating those cookies the nice lady brings into the office every Friday).  Maybe, you see the same mom or dad at the playground each week pushing their little one on the swing.  You can strike up a friendly conversation about how much you remember those days as your older child is off running with friends.

By giving that compliment or striking up a simple conversation may help someone move toward their purpose.  And your purpose may be to share your story.  That story may bless someone’s day and their life.  No matter how small you think your purpose is, wake up with a purpose each day.

Wake Up With Your Purpose

Your Purpose To Share Your Life Story Can Brighten Someone’s Day

I mentioned how fear overpowered my purpose, but I had to overcome it.  The biggest hindrance was allowing others to tell me MY dreams and MY story wasn’t worthy.  I shared my idea about helping other moms know they Are NOT ALONE with their kids driving them insane.  The first thing said to me, “well, everyone doesn’t feel that way, and you need to learn to meet people where they are in life.”  So, I sat on the sidelines for years because I didn’t want to “offend” anyone.  But, you know what I’ve found to be true?  That there are many other moms out in this world that feel the same way I do and it doesn’t mean we love our children any less.  It means we are honest about our lives.

My other dream of helping parents encourage their children was shot down because I was told, “you’re just a mom!”  “Your degree isn’t in that area of work,” and the list goes on.  Once again, I sat back and listened. Then finally one day I took the leap.  The leap of faith in both areas and haven’t looked back since.

Throughout this whole process of finding my purpose, I’ve realized that my stories can, have and will brighten someone’s day.  And for those that it doesn’t, it may give them food for thought, or they just think my purpose is plain crazy.  Either way, I know my purpose is helping someone along the way.

And most importantly, stop looking for permission to share your purpose.

Your Purpose Can Be Within Your OWN Home

Don’t forget that you also have a greater purpose within your home.  You have a family counting on you.

Your purpose today may be to clean your house.  I know, I know.  We don’t always like every purpose we have.  But, with that think of how you are blessing your family.

As a mom of three, I don’t always want to do laundry.  I HATE laundry. But instead of looking at it is my enemy (I’m working on this folks, lol) I am focusing on it as my purpose.  My purpose to provide my family clean clothes each day.  My overall purpose is to give my family a clean, safe and fun environment to come home to.  And no, there shouldn’t be any fear associated with this type of purpose.

Start your morning with a purpose and end your day asking if you fulfilled it.  No matter how big or small, go forth each day with YOUR PURPOSE to help make this world a little better.




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