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Immigration Ban On My Doorstep: Rally for Daniel Ramirez Medina

What started out like every other morning took a bit of a turn.

As I woke this morning, all seemed like a normal Friday morning.  Little did we know what was brewing at the Seattle Federal Courthouse.

I remembered we were starting a four-day weekend, Monday being President’s Day.  Although I do not head to an office in the morning, four-day weekends allow me to relax an extra day.  Realizing this gave me a little more pep in my step as I headed to turn on my laptop.  Unfortunately, the other difference was Windows 7 choosing to install some upgrades.

I allowed my laptop do it’s thing  and headed to start the coffee.  Now to get the dog for his morning routine outside. We recently moved to the downtown Seattle area from the “Burbs”.  This move has been  a culture shock for all concerned.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Collective Voice Magazine

Our place is on one of the top floors, requiring an elevator ride down to the ground.  The dog is no exception to the adjustments.

Corey (the dog) and I reach our destination, go out to the appropriate spot, just like every other morning.  The sun was shining and glistening off the buildings.  What a beautiful day.

We (he) finishes what he needs to do.  I notice on our way back to our building a white van with what seemed to be a satellite on top.  It was not a big satellite.  There was a man sitting in the passenger seat.  He was dressed nicely, seeming to be reading something.  No driver present, not a big deal.

I just brushed off my original thought that it might be a local news station.  One of the “features” with living in the city is an occasional local News Crew or a helicopter or two hovering overhead.  So, back in the door and up the elevator we go.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Collective Voice Magazine.

So begins the “Not So Typical” part of the morning routine.

Corey and I get back inside, my coffee is ready and smells so good!  I get settled ready to make good use of the two free hours I have before heading to an appointment.  The apartment is quiet, perfect writing time.

As I log on, I faintly hear what sounds like a woman with a microphone and crowd chanting and applauding.  Although this part of the culture shock will fade, hearing such a thing is still quite new and exciting.  Up I get and head over to the window and it was exactly as I had thought.  I could clearly hear a woman speaking and claps, chants and whistles of a crowd.

Bob had gotten out of bed a little early today.  I mentioned the sound of festivities to him.  Asked if he heard them too.  Clearly his answer was “Yes”.  He threw on a coat and hat, then headed outside.

I may not have mentioned, we don’t live to far from the Seattle Federal Courthouse.

So, eventually, Bob returned with his report as to what was happening below.

A crowd was indeed gathered on the steps and grounds of the Federal Courthouse.  This rally was in protest to the detaining of Daniel “Dreamer” Ramirez Medina,   The protest being lead by Seattle City Council Member, Kshama Sawant.  Also known as, “the woman on the microphone I thought I heard from above”.

Time to find out what was going on down there.

Immediately tuning in to the local Fox 13 News station, I recognized the reporter as the passenger in that van parked in front of our building.  There are times, one should trust the “gut feeling”.

The reporter was letting us know, today was the first court date for Daniel Ramirez Medina.  Ramirez came to the United States when he was 7 years old from Mexico.  He became protected by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in 2014 with renewal in 2016.

The DACA Program is a program to protect children who entered the United States with their parents.  The program is a product of the Obama Administration June 2012 that allows certain undocumented immigrants to the United States who entered the country as minors.  Applicants must go through a background check when applying for this status.

You can get further information this program at:  https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/consideration-deferred-action-childhood-arrivals-daca.

For those who may not be aware; a little history on today’s Courthouse activities.

Daniel Ramirez was detained last week when police were called to his father’s apartment in Des Moines, WA .  His defense council claims he was taken into custody and detained unlawfully. Claiming his DACA status and documents were ignored at that time.   Ramirez was taken by the authorities that night because he has a tattoo symbolizing gang relations.

At the first court appearance today in Seattle, Daniel Ramirez Medina was not granted release.  The hearing was overseen by Federal Magistrate, Judge James Donahue.  The Magistrate stated he declined to release the 23-year-old.  Judge Donahue said he was not empowered to rule Immigration Release.  Instead, he will give the Immigration Judge “First Crack”.

A briefing will be scheduled to consider whether or not the Federal Courts have jurisdiction to consider deportation.

Usually, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Collective Voice Magazine

As shown by the turn out of supporters today, many believe Ramirez should be released as he was unlawfully detained.   Rally attendees cheered City Council Member Kshama Sawant who, according to The Seattle Times, issued this statement:

  “Over the last week, Trump’s administration has detained and deported hundreds of immigrants in a new offensive meant to send a chill throughout the entire community. Here in Seattle, Daniel Ramirez Medina was taken by ICE over a week ago. It is clear that ICE agents under Trump feel empowered to target anyone and everyone — DACA be damned!”

~ Originally published February 17, 2017, Greg Gilbert

~Updated February 17, 2017, Nina Shapiro

The Defense Team for Daniel Ramirez says, Ramirez not only was detained illegally, but he has been stereotyped because he wears a tattoo.   This particular tattoo depicts gang involvement.  They claim he is in no way a threat to society.

ICE has a little different view.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) states Ramirez admitted to being in a gang the night he was detained.  An ICE spokesperson says they do believe he is a threat to public safety.

What happens next for Daniel “Dreamer” Ramirez Medina?

  • Federal Magistrate, Judge James Donahue suggested  Daniel Ramirez request a bond hearing.
  • The bond hearing for Daniel Ramirez is said to be set for February 24, 2017 with an Immigration Judge.
  •  Daniel Ramirez will remain in custody in a Tacoma, WA (King County) Jail until his hearing.

As for us and our “Typical President’s Day Weekend”?

I have NO clue!

However, I am excited to find out and will keep you posted.  Possibly more first hand information on “Festivities” Downtown Seattle!

I shall go out on a limb and say, “Someone has an opinion on this matter.”

And, that is awesome!

We love interaction and welcome your view.  However, I ask a couple of things from you.

  1. Respect the fact that we do live in a Country where all are entitled to their own opinions.  RESPECT for all readers and comments is a MUST.
  2. Collective Voice Magazine is a magazine for readers of all ages.  Personally I ask, in addition to the respect, let’s be Family Friendly.

So, how was your morning?

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