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Desire: The Key to Motivation for Success

Desire is a controversial word which implies both positive and negative expression. Especially among the spiritual community desire is always looked as “root of all sufferings”. Is it true? absolutely not, the meaning for desire is always the same and for what we desire does make the difference. It is the key to motivation and it pushes forward in a way turning your wish to plan of action.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire” – Napoleon Hill

The quote simply explains how desire is very important for a successful life. Without any desire, no person can ever move into a better quality life than now.But, having a desire is equally important with handling the desire on what we wish because sooner or later strong desire makes you do things and the wrong ones come with a price. So, watch for it before you decide.

“Desire of having is the sin of covetousness” – William Shakespeare

Desire always enables you to strive hard and keep up the fire of achieving something inside you. It has to grow strong day by day for a fruitful future because desire-less life will make you remain at the same point where your journey started. For the appetite of creating an idea and endeavoring it, you always need to be with sufficient desires.

How To Increase the Desire to Succeed:

Desire is an internal quality that your mind wish for the ultimate victory. To increase your desire to succeed you need to give a shape and structure for your desire in form of plans and believe more in your dreams. But how can this be done?

Beware of the Sacrifice and Patience Involved:

Attaining a goal is never instant, it takes time and also it involves some sacrifice and hardships. Some get tired of these and decide to give up their dream. But, knowing what to expect prepares you for the worst makes you move forward tirelessly.

Picture yourself in the way you need to see yourself:

For every single goal, from simple weight loss to becoming an entrepreneur picturing you with achieving your ultimate goal helps to stay on the path. You always need to be reminded of what you can earn. This stimulates your workmanship and it is a better motivation.

Short-Term Goals makes you feel more optimistic:

Goals keep your desire alive and it is also very helpful on measuring your performance towards accomplishing it. Have lots of short term goals followed by one ultimate goal which makes your task easier to track and makes you feel satisfied that your dream is soon to happen. Do not forget to reward yourself whenever your short term goal is accomplished.

Gain Knowledge as much as possible in your area of interest:

You all have heard knowledge is power and it is absolutely true. Before jumping into any field of your interest, proper knowledge and understanding are very important. The more you understand the better your rating of success and also better chance of survival if the worst happens. Not only the chosen profession, also learn about the successful experts on that field. Understand their plan of action and what are all the efforts they have put to stand in the successful person’s list. Try to keep you updated on the area of interest.Knowledge increases the interest and interest increases the desire to succeed.

Never allow yourself to detour:

In every goal achieving path, there will be some instance where you might detour. It’s because of change of interest or the path you chose might be harder than expected. However, you need to be aware of that situation because basically, it happens without any warning. After a real long way you realize you had been detoured and it is too late to return. So, to realize at the moment it’s happening you need to keenly observe the steps you take while moving forward. When the moment strikes and once you feel down and decide to give up be ready to pick yourself up subconsciously. Chasing dreams are possible when you are ready to pick yourself up.

Stay motivated, dream higher and desire the most for endeavoring the ultimate victory.

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