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NerdGirl Review: The End of Oz by Danielle Paige

The End of Oz Book 4 by Danielle Paige (2017)


Main Character: 3 out of 5 stars

Plot: 3 out of 5 stars

Suspense: 2 out of 5 stars

Overall: 3 out of 5 stars


Quick Summary

Her Highness, Dorothy Gale, Queen of Oz, and His Majesty, the Nome King insist you take the pleasure in their company at the celebration of their marriage at the stroke of midnight.

Dinner and dancing to follow.

Masquerade required. Regrets will not be accepted.

When we last left Amy Gumm, she had succeeded in killing Dorothy Gale, the current queen of Oz and her remains are now under the crumbling ruins of the Emerald city. The Yellow Brick Road has taken Amy, Nox and Amy’s old enemy, Madison on a journey across Oz. The Road brought them to Ev, a poor country filled with its own type of magic.

Little does the trio know, Dorothy Gale did not perish under the Emerald city; she was saved by the Nome King, a dangerous enemy who wants to combine the magic of both Oz and Ev. To do so, he needs Dorothy.

It is up to Amy to finally kill her once and for all. But does Amy have the courage to fulfill her destiny.


Where to begin with this book?

It definitely felt like Danielle Paige wrote the whole series as one giant novel and, because it was so large, condensed it down to four different novels. Unfortunately, it did not work very well. When an author attempts to start the second book in a series soon after the events of the first, it is usually unnoticeable, sometimes, even the author will repeat certain important information to help readers remember what happened. This book did not do anything like that. It was almost as if Ms. Paige thought that her readers had nothing better to do than read her novels so of course they would remember what had happened in her previous books.

I really wished that I would have been able to enjoy this series a lot more because the idea behind it was interesting. How often does the protagonist of a classic novel become the villain? The way this story played out, however, did not make me feel like it was worth the effort to read. Each of the characters, for some odd reason, all spoke with sarcasm for reasons I will not understand. At the beginning of two different chapters (one right after the other) where there was an unnecessary repeated phrase.

Chapter Seven: I wasn’t sure I’d heard the Munchkin right.
Chapter Eight: I wasn’t sure I’d heard her right.


One thing that was different from the other three books was the two points of view, Amy’s and Dorothy’s. However, there was a problem with that as well. Whenever the view would change, you could only tell when it was Dorothy’s view, her name was at the top of the chapter. Normally, when a view changes, each chapter has the name at the top. With both characters drowning in sarcasm, it was difficult to tell the difference as to who was talking.

There was also an extremely unnecessary romance between the characters. It seemed forced and of course, changed the events, even helping Amy make her decision between living in Oz or Kansas. Even the ending seemed as if it was forced and took the easy way out, basically making the story end abruptly, but somehow made a possibility of a fifth novel (although I’m not entirely sure how that would go.

Despite everything, I read the last half of the book in 90 minutes. It was a quick read; I was surprised I was able to get through it as quick as I did. It for sure felt as if Danielle Paige took one gigantic book and cut it into smaller pieces. There was a lot added to the story that could have been easily taken out and would not have harmed the initial main story.

Oz will eventually repair itself and life will continue in Kansas as usual. I had very high hopes during the first book, but I honestly believe it could have ended with the first book.  Maybe I will get a chance to read Ms. Paige’s newest novel, Stealing Snow which is an interesting twist on the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Until then, I can only say that Dorothy Must Die has been a whirlwind adventure.

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