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World Of Warcraft: Massive “The Tomb Of Sargeras Update 7.2”

Massive Photo by Crystal Gard @ http://www.collectivevoicemag.com

Coming Tuesday March 28th, 2017  to World Of Warcraft: Legion ; is the massive 7.2 update called “The Tomb of Sargeras”.  This will be one of the largest updates recorded in the 13 year history of this popular game.  This patch will include many exciting changes and content such as the new feature The Broken Shore. This fun new feature includes a new region, cross-faction effort of constructing buildings that will be used to fight against the Legion Stronghold. The zone from rumor will have a different look to it along with a brand new questing area.

Keep an eye out for changes to professions, reputation, class combat, Transmogrification and so much more. The user interface will also see a bit of a face lift including the spellbook (which I look forward too) , player vs player will have improvements to the party member viability in battleground, in appearances you will be able to track the Transmogrifier NPC on a  minimap a nice addition.

This next one is one that I look forward to the most since it’s one of my favourite things to do in the game. There will be a new 4 boss dungeon revealed which is called The Cathedral of Eternal Night, located in the upper chambers of the Tomb of Sargeras and will have the ability for  Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic Keystone.  If you are wanting more information before this release goes live visit wowhead for more details.


Photo by Crystal Gard @ http://www.collectivevoicemag.com

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