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My Inspiration and Love to Write

Writing was always my favorite hobby since my childhood. I had a serious habit of writing a lot. Yes, I meant just writing as in writing journals, grocery list and phone book. I always enjoy writing my assignments on my school days and usually I offer my friends to complete their assignment works and it is kind of a funny thing.

Who was my first Inspiration?

The writing habit just took a simple turn towards writing poems while I was in my 6th grade. I was enthralled to write poems in my mother language (Tamil) during my school days. You could imagine how amateur the poem could be. It was so silly and filled with mistakes but still I had some serious followers including my parents and sister. But I was inspired to write in English when I met my English tutor in 8th grade. Her name is “Bhavani” and the inspiration to write came from seeing her.

In our Indian Education System ” English” is considered to be a language but she always insisted her students to learn English as more than a language. Her classes will be more interactive and fun and we can really learn a lot about the language. She always remained as a favorite teacher and not only for the writing I always want to thank her for the better handwriting I have now. But, that’s a different part of the story.

Why I love Writing:

I am more of a creative person and I love to create something. It may be a craft piece or an article, in both case joy is same. Writing is not only a hobby it’s also a reliever. For a person like me with emotion issues, writing always helps to stay clear and relax. Whenever I seem confused or stressed out, writing sheds some pristine light, especially on my gloomy days. Now I am enjoying the one word prompts and it is really a fun filled challenge for writers.

When my Writing got Serious?

Once I started my career as a software engineer my writing habit started to fade away and it was merely happening. I was holding my pen only during stressful situations and it never failed to calm me. Then, I was married and I have to travel with my husband to the USA due to his work reasons. I know it’s kind of a stressful situation because I have to leave my career, lifestyle everything in my native. But, that’s the nature how marriage works in India. I wasn’t left with any other option, and also I happily and intentionally chose to travel because I want to be with love of my life.

I was excited about the travel, new place and meeting new people and it was so fun. Soon we were blessed with a baby girl and my new role as a “Mom” was so fascinating. I just enjoyed parenting and spending time with my kid was the most amazing part of my day. My life was so complete but still in depth I felt kind of empty. As days passed I felt like living a life with no purpose and identity.

Then suddenly I started writing journals and it was like “old me born again”. Then this journal writing was upgraded to blog writing and I started my own blog in the name “PassionateMoms”. The reason behind the name was I want to make sure being a woman or mom does not mean you can’t pursue your passion. I enjoyed the journey as a writer and my husband just encouraged me with no doubt.

The reason I wish to be a Writer:

After all, I am overloaded with piles of work as a “Mom” and a “Homemaker” still I choose to be a writer because I always try to inspire my inspiration. Yes, you read it right. My 20 months old daughter is always an inspiration and s because the journey with her made me a mommy blogger. That’s how I decided to share my views and experience on positive parenting. She made me and allowed me to be a writer not to mention my husband’s trust and help enhanced it. As a toddler, she is doing a great favor by understanding my writer’s routine and whenever I write, she holds a pen and start to scribble on her notepad. I know, it is so early but I am happy for being a good influence.

The another person who always encourages and believes me undoubtedly is my husband. He is the one who pushes me to be the best I can and always offers me with the honest feedback of what I write. Not only the feedback part he always remains to be the best moral support I ever could have. I never hesitated to ask for help and that’s the comfort level he has given me. No matter what, he always gives his best and stands by my side. I will make sure the trust he had on me and the sacrifice he did for me will not go fruitless. I will be a better mom, better role model, and a better writer as my daughter and husband always wished for.


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