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Glee Alum Joins Grey’s Anatomy

All season we have been patiently anticipating the arrival of Jo’s abusive husband. With the recent news that Matthew Morrison, famous for his role as Will Schuester on Glee, has joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, the wait could possibly be over.

The show runners are keeping the details of this new character under close scrutiny, but this is what we know so far. TV Line previously reported that the show was looking for male Caucasian actor in his mid-40s to play a new doctor. The character is described as charismatic, appealing, and charming. He also has a dark side and plenty of secrets. 

With that said, there is very little that we know Dr. Wilson’s (played by Camilla Luddington) long lost abusive husband besides that he is dangerous, sadistic, and has a dark past. So while there are some similarities between the two, we will just have to wait and see.

Morrison is scheduled to appear in Episode 23 and stick around for the rest of the season at least. Since the appearance of Jo’s husband has been on the forefront of everyone’s mind all season, this would be an ideal time for his appearance.

A Little Speculation

While the show is filmed in Seattle, Justin Chambers and Matthew Morrison have been filming scenes in Los Angeles. The rumor is that Alex somehow tracked Jo’s husband down to let go of his estranged wife. This would explain why Alex doesn’t look so happy in the photos with the mysterious new character.

ABC has yet to comment or confirm any of the speculation.

Side Note

Owen and Amelia really need to pull their crap together. For heaven sakes, they are only a couple months into their marriage. Why are they even talking about having kids. The whole relationship just seems forced and has very little chemistry. In a season that promised to focus on the originals, it seems they have continued to take the back burner to some of the newer characters.

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