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What Makes a Mastermind Alliance Work

What Makes a Mastermind Alliance Work


What Makes a Mastermind Alliance Work

Over the years I have worked with coaches and communities that have helped me understand What Makes a Mastermind Alliance Work.  Learn the benefits of participating in a mastermind alliance and how it can benefit your business and personal life and the roles of the members.

Purpose of a Mastermind Alliance

  • Improve economic conditions for self and others
  • Accomplish more in one year than you could have alone
  • Provide protection against FEAR

Characteristics of a Mastermind Partner

  • Needs to be dependable
  • Loyalty and commitment is essential
  • Must have the ability to get the job done
  • Having a positive mental attitude is healthy for the group
  • Must be willing to go the extra mile
  • Must have applied faith

Mastermind Partnership Steps

  1. Choose a partner or group keeping the characteristics in mind
  2.  At a later point together choose or invite others to join
  3.  Choose one person to function as the coordinator but NO ONE is in charge. This means there is no “boss.”


I am a member of Power Affiliate Club (PAC), a community of bloggers founded by Lesly Federici, RN. The skill level of the members ranges from beginner to master but we all have the same commitment, to visit other members’ blogs and read, comment and share on our social media networks all members content.

There is no pressure to share content that is not useful to your audience.  However, we are a diverse community of bloggers so there are plenty of opportunities to find content relevant to your network.  If members did not honor their commitment the community would fail. Since we trust each other and desire similar outcomes we are a very successful masterminding alliance.

Our benefits of working together as a Mastermind Alliance are many, from getting blogging and technical advice, connecting with people from all over the world, to joint venturing on projects, just to name a few.

As a member of the PAC  community, I was invited by another blogging member, Marquita Herald, to contribute to her ebook Women Breaking Barriers.  14 amazing women shared their journey of breakthroughs when faced with adversity. You can download a free copy by Clicking Here 

In May I will be participating in the Healing Recovery Retreat Virtual Summit hosted by Dr. Erica Goodstone. It is such an honor to have your associates recognize your skills and reach out to you.

NOTE: Blogging communities are not the only type of Mastermind Alliances.

Types of Mastermind Communities

  1. Video marketers
  2. Social media groups
  3. Brainstorming strategies with business associates
  4. Brainstorming with fellow students
  5. Toastmasters for those interested in public speaking
  6. Professional associations like the Chamber of Commerce
  7. Musicians and artist
  8. People who experience a crisis
  9. You can Google much more

Do I need a Mastermind Alliance?

To help you figure it out ~ Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Where do I desire to be in 3 years and how do I plan to do it?
  • $$ How much do I want to earn this year?
  • What am I going to do to make it happen?
  • What is my Plan/Sacrifice?
  • Can I accomplish this on my own?
  • Who is my family member Mastermind Partner? ~ Create Harmony wherever you are

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To Our Success!

Lydia Brown




Youtube is a great resource for hearing audios of Napoleon Hill discussing Masterminding

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Lydia Brown is a wife, mother, & grandmother living in Virginia. She has over 20 years experience with regulatory compliance in the field of alcohol and substance abuse and is presently a hired consultant for programs seeking accreditation. Since starting an online business she has coached many online and offline business owners on how to use social media effectively to build a business. Ms. Brown is a contributor to the article, 31 Entrepreneurs Share Mind Blowing Small Business Growth Ideas Using Social Media and the ebook Women Breaking Barriers. Editor and Writer for http://addictiontreatmentnews.info


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