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When I Step Into My Own Little Private World


As I set down to write an article, I am very aware of my surroundings.  Who in the house is up and around and the different noises filling our home.  However, when I begin writing and thoughts are flowing through my mind, soon step into my own little private world in my mind.  As I become more focused on my feelings and views I want to share, the noises around me seem to slowly disappear.

There is no one else in my little private world.  Just me, those who may be a subject in the piece I am writing and the thoughts and feelings flowing on to the page.  I am sure all writers have their ideal place and time of day to write.

My most productive  and  best work is done when I am able to step into that private world and stay there.  So, I enjoy waking up early, when everyone else is asleep and write.  It’s quiet, I can completely throw myself into the article.  Peaceful and no questions or conversations to to take me away.

It has been brought to my attention, my little private world just might not be so private.

Image by Pixabay.com

As life tends to be sometimes, the last few weeks have brought its ups and downs as well as a little hectic.  Therefore, I have missed participating in a few of our writing challenge prompts.  I have written before, at some point, I turned into a huge Writer’s Challenge supporter.  The challenges, whether the prompts are one word, a phrase, an image or a thought has proven to make me step out of my creative box and think a little deeper.

If it happens I miss a challenge prompt, it does not go to waste.  I will keep it in my “topic bank” for a day I may be suffering from writer’s block.

Yesterday, as I was attempting to get up to speed on Social Media, I checked in with our Collective Voice staff Facebook Page to see what I had possibly missed.  The writing challenge prompts for last week were there waiting, so I decided to pick one and go for it.

When I read the one word prompt, no idea instantly popped in my mind.  Even though it was an ordinary, everyday type of word, I just was not getting an overwhelming feeling to go with right at that time.

I then continued to read.

April 6, 2017, One Word Prompt: Witness.

As he does on certain prompts, Jordan shared his thoughts on the one word and a bit about the experience helping form his view. As I read the message he challenged us with, everything made perfect sense. And, yes, actually, I as a writer know exactly what he mean.

We were challenged to think about how many times, a creative act is thought to be something very private. This could be creating a piece of writing, a photographer seeing the artistic side of something simple or quite possibly when an artist composes meaningful song. These all tend to be seen as very private acts.

Image by Pexels.com

Then posing the question, “Is it, really?”

He pointed out that many times as we are creating our articles, others are possibly all around us.  In a way, a witness to what I know I feel is a very private time for me.  When I step into my quiet little world, I feel it absolutely is just me and my words.

After I read what he had posted, I realized many times my private world really isn’t so private.

When I do write at other times during the day, the dog is at my feet consistently and my significant other just so happens to be quite an extrovert.  He is a talker and I am a writer.  Sometimes talkers tend to forget or not realize what really is going on in these minds of us writers.

Deep in thought, typing away, living the story I put in words and all of a sudden I am jolted out of my little place.   When I show a little frustration, his thoughts are, “What is the big deal?  This will be quick, then just go back to your writing.”

Although, sometimes that is a possibility, it doesn’t always work that way for me.  I am in my world, in my zone, feeling a feeling.  As far as I am concerned, it is private.

Although it appears as if maybe it really is not.

The world becomes my witness, when and only when, I feel the time is right.

As a rule, I don’t share  any part of an article while it is being written.  I don’t ask for ideas or if what I wrote down sound okay.  To be honest the times I try to verbally explain what the article is about, my words never sound as good as they do when written down.

The words pop in my head and I type them, sometimes not knowing myself what turn the piece might take.  Never does anyone hear me speaking sentences as I type.  Rarely have I read an excerpt of an article to someone out loud.  Nor do I gain much satisfaction reading my own work once it is done.

My private little world in my head is where it all happens for me.  The creativity that is happening at that very point in time, absorbs me enough, I am able to shut out the witnesses all around me.  So, I guess in a way, the creating remains a private act.  It isn’t until I feel my story has been told, I submit the piece to be published for the rest of the world to witness.

Image by Pixabay.com

I would love to know how others go about their creative process.  Whether you are a writer, photographer, or a mathematician.  Whatever your gift is, do feel it is a private thing?

Are you more apt to talk along the way, keeping your witnesses informed?

Please use the comment section below to share a little bit about you and if you, too, have the little private world of your own.


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