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It’s Always The Husband by Michele Campbell; A Great Reads Book Review

One thing about me no one would guess (not even those who know me) is I love to read! Why wouldn’t those close to me know this?  Simply because I don’t take the time to find that next great book and do it.  Hoping I am not asked the well known question, “So, have you read any good books lately?”  Today, my answer to that question is  Yes,   It’s Always The Husband by  Michele Campbell.

Admittedly, not just any book grasps my attention and makes me want to continue turning the pages.  But, when I do take the time to do so, I remember how much I love it.  There is nothing like finding a book that gets your attention.  For me it is almost as if I am a part of the story, living the experiences right along with the characters.

When the book has come to an end, I ask myself every time, “Why don’t I take the well deserved down time and enjoy reading more often?”

I do not have an answer to that question, by the way.

Recently, I teamed up with SheSpeaks.com and joined their “Unboxed Book Club”.  SheSpeaks was launched in 2007 and is a community of women bloggers.  The website was formed with the goal to elevate and amplify women’s voices.  In addition to Giveaways, Product Review opportunities, they also offer opportunities to joined various clubs.

Among those clubs are Book Review Clubs, such as the one I mentioned.  If this sounds like something you would enjoy, simply follow the links provided and check them out.

With the thought of wanting to find that next good book to bury my nose in, I joined the book club.  And, let me say, “It was a success!”

Image created on Canva.com by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Collective Voice Magazine

Upon joining the “Unboxed Book Club”, I was fortunate enough to be 1 of 5 selected to receive an early copy of the novel “It’s Always The Husband” by Michele Campbell.  And, the “icing on the cake”, I received my pre-sale copy FREE from SheSpeaks!

My debut Great Read Book Review!

As a member of the book club and being chosen to receive my copy, not only early but free as well, we are asked to do a Book Review for “It’s Always The Husband”.  This commitment is another “Win” for me for a couple reasons.

First,  finding my next book to enjoy will take no time at all now being a book club member.

Secondly, this opportunity gives me an area of writing I have yet to attempt.  Since I have been blogging/writing, I’ve not written a review for a novel.

I first wrote a review for  “It’s Always The Husband” on my Personal Lifestyle website,  Midwest Girl’s Dreams.  Now, have a profile on  GoodReads.com (one of the Book Review site choices as a member)  have a full review there as well.  And I wanted to share a review with our audience here at Collective Voice as well.

Finding new engaging books and sharing my thoughts in a review on a regular basis is a goal I have challenged myself to reach.  Combining my passion for writing and getting absorbed in a great book makes a perfect pair.

  “It’s Always The Husband”  by Michele Campbell ; My Thoughts.

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When a novel can be describe as suspenseful, engaging, a “who dunnit”, a page turner and shocking, it is a hit, in my opinion.  A novel in which the characters are realistic, all with various personalities and backgrounds.

Michele Campbell has successfully included them all and then some.  “It’s Always The Husband” is the author’s debut novel.  Congratulations out to her for producing such a novel as this one.  My attention was caught from page one.

The story is based around the lives of three girls who met their first day of college.  Kate, Aubrey and Jenny were assigned to be dorm mates.  These three girls were all from completely different backgrounds and walks of life.  So much so, there was not a chance this arrangement would last the whole Freshman year.

Kate, from money, a mother who died when she was young and now on her third Step-Mother whom she cared very little for and thought all friendships could be bought.  Jenny, from a modest middle class family, raised in the small college town (a townie), a perfect little family, very organized and serious.  Then there is Aubrey, raised solely by her mother who worked as a waitress and struggled to put food on the table, a father she never knew, study hard to get scholarships and low self-esteem.  They each brought their own individual personality and beliefs, butting heads a bit at first.

As the school year began, the girls differences actually seemed to compliment one another.  Eventually, they molded into a trio, complementing one another where the other fell short.  This trio eventually developed a circle of friends and moved around the Fraternity and Sorority Social Circuit.

It is very apparent from the beginning of the story, tragedy was in the future.

Image by SheSpeaks.com

Michele Campbell’s style of writing in this novel had me convinced I knew who, what, when and where, then to figure out I was wrong.  Makes a reader want to continue turning those pages to find answers.

All of a sudden, when I wasn’t completely expecting it, the worst happened.

Combining the past, present and future of the characters lives.

This style of writing allows us, the reader, get to know each character.  Understanding the type of childhood they had, how they handled college issues and it all flowed into adulthood.  Some of the friends moved away and came back, some never left the small college town.


The suspense that built up was then finalized in Part One of the book.   I was a little curious as to how the author would continue to hold our attention.

Part Two was engaging as these boys and girls grew into adults, got married, some divorced, some having children.  Drama in the three girls lives was very present.  However, as adults the drama and conflict was more serious and sometimes back stabbing.

To my surprise, since the fatal events all happened in Part One, Part Two provides the reader with a surprise as well.  This one, I did not see coming.

My final thoughts I would like to share.

I highly recommend heading on over to Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble  to order your copy and get it on

Image by SheSpeaks.com

Image by SheSpeaksUp.com

it’s way to you.  Believe every word when I say, this is one you will not want to set down!  While you are there, you can read more reviews on Michele Campbell’s, “It’s Always The Husband.”

I would love it if after you have read her debut novel, come on back and let me know your thoughts.

Simply use the comment section below so other readers can engage.  It would be awesome to get a dialogue going as if we have our own online book club!

Have you read a good book lately, you would like to recommend?  Please do!


Happy Reading!


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