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How Not To Overwhelm Yourself When Building A Personal Blog

Do you love to write? Thinking About A Personal Blog Website?

Taking the path I did to enter the blogging scene, might not be ideal.  On the other hand,  the Window of Opportunity  opened and  required action before it closed.  After utilizing the web for a bit of research on starting my own Personal Blog, I looked to see what Groups on Facebook  I could find.  I found several.

Image by en.wikipedia.org

Image by en.wikipedia.org

I joined two or three.  Blogging Newbs  is a great one. I spent some time reading posts from different members to gain some knowledge.  One of the first posts I read, was one for a new online magazine reaching out for writers.  Feeling  bold that particular day, I replied to the post.

A short time later,  I got a reply from the groups’ member whose post I responded to that day , Jordan Zeitler.  Jordan is the Creator/Owner as well as Contributing Writer here at Collective Voice Magazine (formerly State Of Liberation Lifestyle Magazine).

We spent some time on chat learning about my writing niche, each others’ lives and any experience I have had with writing in general. In a “nutshell”  I had no experience Blogging or having an article published, other than a poem in the 8th grade published in Creativity Magazine.

When the “Do you have previous experience or any writing sample” question came up, I promptly said, “No, I have none.”  And, Jordan welcomed me aboard.

The only experience writing previously was school papers pertaining to topics assigned to me.

I did take an English Comp class at a local community college.  It wasn’t until then I realized how much enjoyed putting my thoughts and life experiences on paper to share with others.  At the end of the class session, my instructor and now friend suggested I continue writing.  She also suggested I entertain the thought of one day explore possibilities of having my work published.  If nothing else, continue writing.

When the passion is present, don’t let it go.

I wrote as a hobby periodically, without trying to have anything published. The window was open so I went for it and am so thankful I did.

Here at  Collective Voice,  we consist of a team of writers from various places and backgrounds. This gives us the ability to provide our readers a variety of choices and provide something for everyone.

In addition to the knowledge and advice I continue to receive from fellow writers, friendships are also being formed.  We always welcome new talent to our “Tribe” whether that be seasoned writers or “Newbies” just like I was when I began.

Image by pixabay.org

Image by pixabay.com

Below are my top 5 suggestions on how to begin and not become overwhelmed.

Ask Questions – You might be surprised who is blogging and you didn’t even know it.  And try to keep in mind, “”There is no such thing as a stupid question.”

Utilize Social Media – There is an unlimited amount of information on the internet as a whole it absolutely confused me at first.  I suggest using Facebook to begin networking.  Facebook has a multitude of groups no natter what your writing style.  To me it was more manageable and allows you to branch out into other options as you want.

One of my other “go to” is Pinterest Searching for blogging ideas is a fairly simple task on Pinterest,  you can pick and choose what works and develop your own “boards” to organize.  If you explore, pin and follow, soon you will pick up followers yourself.

Image by pixabay.com

Image by pixabay.com

Start a Personal Blog.  Again, there are various blog sites available so you may need to ask around.  I chose to go with  WordPress simply because when I joined the magazine, we were (and still are) powered by WordPress . I have found it to be be user friendly.  No matter which direction you choose, go at your own pace and tailor  your blog  to fit your style. Remember, it can always be “tweeked” as you grow!

Step Outside of The Box.  Don’t change the topics you have a passion for and try writing about something you don’t.  Do  keep and open mind  and don’t doubt yourself.  When presented with a writing challenge, maybe give it a try and see what happens.

Writing Challenges are a great resource to stretch your minds’ creativity.  We have a running Writer’s Challenge readily available for our writing staff.  These challenges not only help the writer/blogger discover what they are capable of, they also can serve as a cure for the dreaded Writer’s Block.

Don’t Let Others Guide Your Pen!  Our experienced writers offered advice in June as I wrote my first article.  This simple thought is so powerful!

Don’t think this means to limit yourself to one topic. This advice is simply saying to write in your own words.  Put your own personality and style into what you create.  In the early stages of my blogging experience, I wrote mostly in the categories of  Self-Improvement  or Inspirational.

Image by Teresa Branam Wilgus, Created on Canva.com

I have a passion for football and soon began a Fantasy Football series which runs throughout the NFL Season.  Prior to the second season into the series, I called in a little favor from my oldest son to Co-Blog with me.  I can’t wait for the next NFL Season to begin.

As of today, I rarely find a topic I won’t at least try.  Some more successful than others, some have surprised me a bit. However, each have my own personal touch and view.

Please feel free to use the comment section below for questions you may have.

I truly hope this has been helpful.  Starting out when you have absolutely no knowledge, can be discouraging and enough to give you doubt.  I say go for it though!  It is amazing at the amount of writers you will find that love to help.

Also, check us out on Facebook by clicking on either image below:

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As I stated above, we are a staff of writers who love to help others.  I learned first hand, NO QUESTION IS A STUPID QUESTION!

Happy Blogging!

About the author

Teresa Branam Wilgus

In her spare time she likes to get outside and take advantage of the beautiful Pacific Northwest summers and experiencing new adventures with her boyfriend of 5 1/2 years. She is an admitted football fanatic and loves the excitement of participating in Fantasy Football with her sons, boyfriend, family and friends from the Pacific Northwest, Florida and Indiana! The only work she have had published, is a poem published in Creativity Magazine when she was in the 8th grade. She has always enjoyed writing, however it wasn’t until encouraged by a professor and a few friends that she realized writing just might be the “Gift” God gave her. Teresa is preparing her Freelance/Content Writing Services for Launch in February 2017. Services are available for businesses and corporations of all sizes and also to those Bloggers wanting to enhance their own content for readers. Her ultimate goal is to have a book published based on personal experiences in her own life and hopes it is not only entertaining and engaging, but might also help some reader, somewhere, somehow.

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