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Love Social Media Try Twitter

Love Social Media Try Twitter

Love Social Media Try Twitter

If you Love Social Media, try Twitter using the tips to setup and get followers on Twitter listed in this post.  Each tip was written to help you with the basics of getting started.
For awhile I found Twitter intimidating but I watched a training, “Simple 3 Step Twitter Formula” then dived in and learned the culture.  Twitter is very different from Facebook so if you want to be successful with it don’t go into it expecting the same type of movement in the feed and being able to type a message as long as you want.

My first difficulty with Twitter was learning how to get to the point with 140 characters.  It took work but I do it very well now and have learned the power of less is more.  For all you run on sentence folk, this will be your first challenge. But don’t worry,  you’ll be glad as you progress with this skill.

Tips to Setup and Get Followers on Twitter

Consider your Twitter cover as your real estate.  It’s the first thing people notice when they hit follow and  directed to your profile.
You want the following for your Twitter cover;
  1. Colors to be congruent with your brand.  People will recognize they are  in the right place to reach out to you
  2.  Your cover should be captivating, colors, text, images
  3.  It should be welcoming to visitors
  4. Share your credentials and/or accomplishments
  5. Your cover should match your message.  If you sell oranges your cover should not have apples all over it.  Confusing to visitors.
  6. The cover should clearly represent your brand

Designing your Twitter Cover

 I recommend you use Canva.com to make your Twitter cover.  They have a free paid and a version, you can use the free version to make your cover.  With this online tool, you don’t have to worry about sizing.  Click the Twitter Header and follow along from there.  Use your own images or one of Canva’s  free or paid images.
Note: You can change your cover anytime.  For example, if you are running an ad campaign.
Don’t forget while you are getting things together, continue to follow people and engage.

What type of post should you pin on Twitter?

Twitter Pinning Ideas
  1. Free Download (pdf, video, or mp3)
  2. Information about a webinar signup
  3. Blog Post
  4. Quote
  5. Access to a free Facebook group
  6. Affiliate Offer
  7. Job Opening
  8. Survey or Poll
  9. Coupon
  10. Sale information your company is having
There are no limits.  Test out your ideas check your statistics on Twitter.  Test and tweak as it pertains to your business.
Example of a Pinned Post

Tips to Setup and Get Followers on Twitter 

How to do basic search on Twitter to get followers

These steps will result in other Tweeters following you back.
Who to Follow?
Look to the right of your profile.  Click “follow” if you see a profile of interest to you. This section does not give enough information for my liking.
I advise that you click the profile to find out more about the person or company.  The goal is to find people that match your niche. For example, other bloggers, work at home moms, etc.
Once you have gone through what is being shown to you click to refresh and/or the view all to get more suggestions.
Tips to Setup and Get Followers on Twitter 
If you are looking for friends and associates, click the section at the bottom.  At the top of your Twitter page, right before your profile image, is the search bar. Here, you can look up people you know and businesses you want to follow.
Don’t get upset if you are sure someone is on Twitter, many people use @mentions that are not their name.  Just contact the person on another network you are connected and ask for their Twitter username.  Don’t forget to share yours!
Tips to Setup and Get Followers on Twitter 
Place your Twitter @mention (name) somewhere on your other social media platforms and images/memes so that people can find you.
Make it easy for them to connect with you!

Hashtag Use

Don’t go #hashtag crazy.  Try to use hashtags that are related to your brand or a belief that you are following or the message you are about to tweet.  For example, I use #faithworks  you will see others use it but I registered it.  Don’t makeup hashtags just to be cute or follow the pack and have a hot mess of emojis and hashtags on your profile nor within your tweets.
Place your #hashtag within a sentence or at the end of a sentence. You get more attention according to polls with 1-2 #hastags versus none or more.
Have fun but be purposeful!
 Lydia Brown

Thanks for visiting today any questions comment below and don’t forget to share on social media!


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Lydia Brown is a wife, mother, & grandmother living in Virginia. She has over 20 years experience with regulatory compliance in the field of alcohol and substance abuse and is presently a hired consultant for programs seeking accreditation. Since starting an online business she has coached many online and offline business owners on how to use social media effectively to build a business. Ms. Brown is a contributor to the article, 31 Entrepreneurs Share Mind Blowing Small Business Growth Ideas Using Social Media and the ebook Women Breaking Barriers. Editor and Writer for http://addictiontreatmentnews.info

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