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My Niche, My Why: How BoyMom Blessed Was Born

My Niche My Why

To me, the hardest part of starting my blogging journey was finding my niche. I wanted to write about anything and everything that came to mind. Four years ago, I wrote about recipes I created, but lost interest quick because I had no readers. I felt discouraged and quit writing, altogether.

Last year, I picked up my writing habit again. While writing for State of Liberation (now The Collective Voice), I came up with a great idea for my own personal blog. While building my blog, I found the right groups of people who would be interested in my content. With the right network and supportive groups, BoyMom Blessed was born.

BoyMom Blessed is a lifestyle blog, but reaches out to moms who work from home. The moms who are the jack of all trades by keeping up with cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the family, while working from home. With four years of experience working from home, I felt the need to share my journey. Also, to help other work at home moms find the right balance each day.

My Niche My Why

I chose my niche because I wish the help was available to me four years ago. I had a newborn, a toddler, and two preschoolers the first year I worked from home.

Most days, I rocked my routine. Other days, I was grateful the house still stood on its foundation. Those days (when naps didn’t happen or Mount Cotton overran the master bedroom) was where I could have used a little help.

Through tons of trial and error, I figured it out. It’s slightly easier, now that they are older and help throughout the day. I decided to share my routine, my lists and recipes, and my stories with everyone, as it worked for me. Even back from those baby years, I see where I am now, and am proud of the work at home mom I am today.

When finding your niche, pick one thing you rock at in life. The content will fall in place as you go. Don’t be afraid to get your story out there, as someone needs to read it. With BoyMom Blessed approaching its first anniversary, the blogging journey has been worth it.

About the author

Tyane Milem

Tyane is a Midwestern boymom of four, furmom of two, and wife to her college sweetheart. Along with blogging, she works from home as an administrative assistant. She enjoys writing, reading and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys cooking and baking, and is obsessed with alternative and grunge music. Her biggest hobby is watching football and cheering on the Indianapolis Colts and Notre Dame Fightin' Irish.

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