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Want To Live Longer? It’s Time For Some Real Offline Friends

Recently a new trend of relationship so called ” Social Media Buddies” has been emerging and it seems easy to handle. Especially among the creator community, it is so vital. Building a strong friendship within the community for helping out fellow writers and receiving honest feedbacks is indispensable. Even, there are some worst scenarios where people make friends only for the business purpose and suddenly unfriend’s once their work is over. Thinking of people who are careless about relationships is distressful.

Apart from the usual communication, do we create a strong bond in creator’s community? Does real friendship happen here? Yes, there are people who care for writer’s life more than writing and the bond is seeming real and true. But many are not so fortunate on having such relation.

However, Social Media friendship creates an illusion of having some real friends in your own virtual world. But, they are friends who don’t know you apart from what you say about yourself and it makes no sense. Digitally supporting friends might be good for your business and passion but what about your life you live? From animals to human beings every creature undergoes the process of building some active bonds with the others. In both cases, initially, it happened to stay safe from the predators.

The Anthropologists and primatologists believe that people or animals who are connected socially with other beings and maintain an active bond tend to live longer with less stress compared to lonely persons. An Australian study showed that Elderly men and women may have a lengthened survival rate and increase the longevity if they have strong social networks with good friends than their close family members. Isn’t it fascinating?

Our society has been ignoring the importance of the term Friendship for a long time and we playing both the roles as a victim and also the predator. Friendship is not just having a friend and reaching out to them for fun and support. It’s the only family we can choose for our life to live with.

Online friendship might be a requirement to stay updated with the trend but offline friendship is a necessity to lead a healthy lifestyle. Friends are always good not only for our mental health it also influences our physical health.

How friendship enriches and improves our lifestyle:
  • Friendship is nothing but the companionship we all wish for. The drive for the companionship prevents us from being lonely. People are likely increased to develop dementia when they feel lonely.
  • Friends help us to overcome our traumas including divorce, losing our loved one, serious illness and even job loss. Having friends to lean on during bad times is really soothing.
  • They increase the purpose of your life and sense of belongings.
  • Knowing there is a person for us to count on or that we can turn to, we are more likely ready to face any situations.
  • Friendship always influences people both in better and worst ways. However, it helps us to take better care of ourselves including quitting smoking, staying fit and also warns us when we are vulnerable to take high risks.
  • More importantly, the fun-filled activities like singing, dancing and laughing triggers our neurotransmitters like oxytocin and endorphins which make us to bond with them more closely. These chemical messengers help you feel focused, less impacted by pain and put you in a better mood.
  • Especially, spending good quality time with your friends reduces the stress and boosts your happiness. This is the main factor that increases the survival rate because chronic stress developed due to isolation is always fatal.

How strong is your friendship circle and how do you plan to stay engaged with your real friends apart from your online friends? Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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