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Feeling Stuck? 5 Simple ways to Free Yourself

Have you ever felt like super loaded with feelings? Your legs are glued to the floor and the roof is about to fall on you.  Yes, it’s the stuck place and it’s very intimidating but still, you have no options to run away from that. Even worse some choose to stay along instead of having the flight or fight response. “Feeling Stuck” is a phase where everybody would have come through or still stuck in this phase. Even I was there and luckily some changes I made to my life worked out in a better way.

I am not going to provide you any solutions instead I am sharing my experience which has worked great for me. And I believe your best option to overcome your stuck feeling lies within these ways. You are not alone in the “stuck world”.

Time to concentrate on Self Care:

Whenever people feel stuck the first thing they try to give up is their self-care. Getting rid of all healthy foods, bye-bye for the gym and more importantly staying on the couch all day is a universal path everyone chooses to deal with feeling stuck. It makes the walls of stuck place thicker and you have no escape routes. Feeling stuck is the best sign to start caring for you more than ever. Imagine you are a contestant for pageant then it automatically happens. Healthier lifestyle encourages your mental health to free yourself from that crappy feeling.

Roam Around and Reach Out:

Get out of your home.Go for a walk, run, jog, dance or whatever just shake your body. Realize your world doesn’t end when you feel stuck. Meet people whom you are connected to and talk about how you feeling. I know talking about it is the worst part but accepting it opens the window to look for escaping options. In every aspect interacting and getting help from your community is very important.

Imagine how you want to really Feel:

No person is happy in the stuck place and looking you in the mirror depressed, anxious, tired, frustrated and sad makes you even more vulnerable to stay in the stuck phase. So just write down how you actually want to feel real. Energetic, motivated, happy, brave, inspired, whatever and just imagine what’s the best outcome it can give you if you really stay as you wrote down. It may sound a bit of funny but believe me, it really works. It’s kind of having a short term business plan which helps you to through your stuck feeling away.

Make your environment more bright and energetic:

Still feeling stuck? Then it’s time to rearrange and refresh your space with a bright setup. Like kids, we adults do have meltdowns and for no reason, we seem to feel like crap. To change that and feel more alive fill your space with things you can connect. It may be your loved one photo, a flower vase or anything that inspires and motivates you.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Crap:

From a canvas art to dull color curtains if you feel it to be stored in the basement then throw it off. Unnecessary crap doesn’t need to be an item it can be a person too. I am sorry if I sound rude but I really meant it. There are people who constantly drags you to the stuck place but still, we choose to stay with them by connecting emotionally. And it’s not wrong to stay along but before that just decide “Do they really deserve your attention and affection?”

This simple 5 ways just fixed me and I am suggesting it to you. Choose which would be best and always keep in mind that you are unique and the things which can be done by you, can be done only by you. So, feel alive to fight against the stuck feeling and pull out yourself. Stay strong and grow stronger by recognizing you. What’s your way of coming out of the stuck feeling? Share your ideas and suggestions with me in the comment section below.

What’s your way of coming out of the stuck feeling? Share your ideas and suggestions with me in the comment section below.

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