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Independent- The only way I chose to raise you

Independent - A piece of poetry

I loved you with all the love I had, still do, always will.
I rejoice in every moment with you.

I wanted you fly higher,
with your own wings.

I wanted you brave enough,
to follow your heart.

Independent– The only way I chose to raise you.
And here you are ready to catch the stars.

My lips making the proud smile,
but my heart cries in silence.

With no courage to accept the truth,
you will be leaving me one day,
to lead your own life with love and peace.

After all, it’s what I always wanted.

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Suja is a Proud Momma & a Lifestyle blogger. She blog to keep herself sane, more or less writing about lifestyle articles, geeky parenting adventures, DIY craft tutorials & scrumptious recipes that empowers every mom to stay inspired and living an elegant life in a creative way.


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