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Perks Of Being A Crafty Person

Perks of being a craft person- collective voice mag

Handmade crafts are always my first choice and making one is fascinating. Since childhood, I have loved indulging in craft activities. It’s not only fun, but also therapeutic. Crafting and writing are my stress busters which are also a productive habit compared to emotional eating (which I do sometimes).  There are a lot of perks of being a crafty person and makes my life extra fun.

Health and Mental benefits:

The most prominent benefit of being a crafty person is, I can easily divert myself from overthinking my problems. Sometimes relationships become harder to manage which makes me feel overwhelmed and in situations like that, crafting is my better companion.

Crafting assures me to stay sane and it also helps to boost my mental health and emotional well being.  Speaking of health benefits, my hand and eye coordination work perfectly (thanks to craft projects that involves tiny details).

Planning the best birthday party for your kid:

As a DIY person, planning a birthday party is fun and also it’s a better decision for family economy. Deciding the theme is a tough task which I leave to my kid and husband.

Once the birthday theme has been chosen,  the decoration part is on me. Thanks to dollar stores and Walmart,  you can find most of the craft supplies for a cheap price.  Perfect place to showcase all your crafty talent.

Pride moment with my Masterpiece:

Finishing a craft project is obviously a pride moment and no crafty person can disagree with that. Each craft project is a masterpiece and I want it to be hung (wall decor) or placed( DIY furniture) in my home.  So whenever a friend visits me, they get surprised with my craft work.

Some might even ask me “How did you do that?”  This is an awesome question.  Because, the moment they ask about my craft work I can talk about my blog where I post my DIY tutorials often.  Even though it’s a 3-year-old project, the effort I put into creating is always spoken.

My opinion matters:

I have showcased myself as a crafty person among my friends circle so what’s next? My opinion matters to them. Yes, whenever they plan a party or buy an art or any suggestions that involve visual results, they ask for my opinion. It’s like being in the loop.

Most importantly,  I am a “Wonder Woman of craft” among the kid!  I don’t want to put any extra effort to make the kids fond of me. The trick is they can make crafts whenever they are with me because as you all know,  kids are craft lovers.

The sense of Accomplishment:

Spending two to three hours for a simple craft project with utmost patience sometimes makes me feel that I am doing a work with no purpose. At times, I will be on the verge of quitting, but once I finish my project, it gives me the sense of accomplishment.  I have made a DIY craft item just the way.

I want and I cherish them much more than I would a regular product for a long time.  I feel connected with the craft items I create.  As I said earlier, spending the time for a productive reason gives me purpose and I enjoy doing it.

What’s your most favorite hobby? Do you indulge in any art activities like writing, crafting or painting?  Does it really help you to handle your stress? Share your experience with me in the below comment section.


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